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Short video of the first episode of Supernatural Season 10!!

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In acting, I always try to go back to what would actually be the real situation, the real human behavior in life.

It’s important not to indicate. People don’t try to show their feelings, they try to hide them.

Robert De Niro (via luciancharles)

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There is the ingrained stereotype that artists can’t run a business. They’re too flaky, too “out there,” too self-involved. Not true! We manage ourselves as a business so efficiently that people on the outside aren’t even aware of it. The myth that artists are bad with money and couldn’t possibly manage a budget. Not so! Arts professionals are used to doing things on the cheap, know how to squeeze everything out of a dollar, are well connected and recognize the value in sharing resources. What about the notion that artists don’t understand “the bottom line”? The curtain going up in three weeks —that is an unforgiving bottom line! Bottom Line: Artists are excellent collaborators and problem solvers. They are adaptable, agile, trustworthy, ethical, productive, disciplined, flexible, intuitive, risk-takers, and have outstanding public relations and human resource skills. We must bring the artist as a number one resource to the center of any arts organization.
Nello McDaniel, Arts Action Research (via resetyourprops)